MBC-1000 Tester Program

MBC-1000 Tester Program

Deploying a battery testing program is the #1 thing you can do to grow your battery sales. Batteries have a 3-5 year lifespan and a free test offers an easy way for you to identify any potential battery issues and solve them for your customer before their car won't start. Our customers say this helps grow their battery sales by:

  • Creating Sales Opportunities - You can't replace batteries if you don't know it's failing. By using a quality battery tester you and your staff will be able to identify any potential failures and allow your customer the opportunity to replace the battery before they break down.

  • Makes closing the sale easy - If you can show your customer that their battery is likely to fail soon nine time out of ten they'll get you to replace the battery and avoid the inconvenience.

  • A battery test is an inexpensive value add - A 90 second battery check is a quick and easy servicing upgrade to offer to your customers.

  • Allows you to offer a great customer experience - A good tester result actually builds trust in your business. Chance are that when your customers battery does need replacing they'll come back to see you because you didn't try to sell them a battery when they didn't need it.

MBC-1000 Tester - Compact, Lightweight, Fast, Decisive and Accurate

Test the health of any battery, any time and in just 90 seconds. The MBC-1000 is a cloud connected battery tester that offers advanced reporting and provides aftermarket replacement opportunities that can help grow your battery sales.

Our engineering team conducted an extensive global search to find the right testing solution that's for a workshop and roadside environment. The MBC-1000 tester was selected because:

  • Quick and easy to use - A full battery test takes 90 sec, so it's fast to use in a roadside or workshop environment and easy to train your staff on
  • Low charge and retest rates - Accuracy gives customers peace of mind over their battery health
  • Lightweight, portable and self charging - The tester unit charges itself from the car battery under test
  • Supported by a free app - Exclusive software designed specifically for Australian needs
  • Email or SMS test results - can be shared with your customers
  • Insightful reporting - helps you manage your team to improve your testing and sales conversions
  • Cloud connectivity - saves time by minimising manual data entry and increases accuracy of workshop and technician data
  • Tried and tested - in a rugged roadside and workshop environment

More information on the MBC-1000 with some Tricks and Tips.

Reporting Suite

Our reporting suite has been developed in consultation with some Australia's premiere automotive businesses. These insights allow you to understand more about the vehicles coming into your workshop, the performance of your staff and uncover data nuggets that can help you increase your battery sales.

Contact us for the demo of the MBC-1000 and see how the Tester Program can help you improve your battery sales.

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