Mobile EV charging

As experts in energy storage, Club Assist is at the forefront in developing cutting-edge solutions to support roadside assistance and the future of mobility. For EV drivers or those thinking of making the transition, running out of charge while on the road can be a key concern.

Club Assist’s mobile EV charging solution tops-up stranded EVs with enough charge to help get drivers to their destination or to a local recharge station. In just 15 minutes, Club Assist’s solution puts approximately 10-15 kilometres of range into a typical EV. 

Club Assist’s mobile EV charger utilises high performance lithium iron-phosphate batteries and robust electrical hardware. It has been trialled with customers in South Australia and Western Australia to prove its real-world operational performance and enable continued evolution of the design.

The solution is scalable to suit different operational requirements

Modular and customisable: a flexible and compact design can be installed in various roadside vehicles. The charging solution can also be expanded for increased range to meet varying needs of more rural areas or frequent usage scenarios, or even reduced if a lower weight solution is required.

Multiple rescues in a day: the onboard lithium batteries and ability to recharge on-the-go enable multiple rescues to be performed within one day. If required, the mobile EV charger can be easily plugged into a power outlet for charging at the end of the day.

Charging onboard roadside service vehicle: the EV charging solution can be recharged and ready for its next rescue while a roadside service vehicle is traveling between jobs, either from the vehicle’s electrical system or from rooftop solar panels. 

Safe and user-friendly design: an easy-to-use design that features multiple layers of electrical safety systems as well as an optional colour touchscreen.

Reliable performance: The design and components of the EV charging solution cater for Australia’s harsh and varying weather conditions.

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