Deep Cycle Lithium

Our new range of Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

Our deep cycling batteries engineered with high-grade LiFePO4 cells deliver cutting edge performance and safety. Designed for the Australian market, our batteries incorporate, strong and durable materials to deliver reliable and sustained cycling performance. Elevate your battery range with Lithium and offer your customers unparalleled power, reliability at a lower lifetime cost. LiFeP04 technology delivering performance, reliability with a lower lifetime cost.

Deep Cycle Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries

Engineered with quality in mind, our Lithium batteries are made from premium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and designed with high-grade cells. While it's one of the safest technologies available, Lithium lowers your cost of ownership with up to 10 times the cycle life of standard lead acid batteries - without compromising performance. Ideal for use in high cyclic applications like 4x4 or recreation vehicles, or fast charge or low weight applications like marine. Lithium is the unrivalled choice for convenience, confidence, durability and performance.

Watch the short video which provides valuable insights into the extensive measures we take to ensure our
Lithium batteries maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability. 

Why choose our Lithium Batteries?*

*Note: Please be advised that the lithium battery showcased in the video corresponds to our 7732 model. Other batteries within our range may vary in terms of features, warranty and internal components.


Extra piece of mind with our Bluetooth battery monitor

Your customer will never be caught out when they can check their battery health via their mobile. Our Lithium Batteries come armed with a Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor and optimise power, protecting the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over heating and short circuiting.

This free app easily audits your batteries vitals including:
Capacity Voltage / Current (Amps) / State of charge (SOC) / State of Health (SOH) / Status Temperature

The Bluetooth App is available for iOS and Android portable smart devices and can be
downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Download the Lithium Pulse Apps on iOS or Android


Lithium Pulse is a user-friendly mobile app designed to connect seamlessly with your deep cycle lithium batteries. This app allows users to monitor, manage, and optimise the performance of their batteries remotely via Bluetooth. With real-time data on battery status, including charge level, voltage, temperature, and health diagnostics, users can ensure efficient power utilisation and extend battery lifespan.

Features of Lithium Pulse App

  • Wirelessly connect to your battery via Bluetooth from your smartphone
  • Displays Capacity, Status, Temperature, Voltage, Current and Cycle Count
  • Displays Cell level voltage information
  • Displays critical alerts and any protections
  • Battery logs can be accessed from the Battery Management System (BMS)

  • FAQs about Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

    Safety directions for Lithium batteries^

    For correct usage, optimal performance, and reliability of your Lithium battery, please review the user manual before use.
    Click the link to view the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to ensure safe use of your batteries.

    ^This advice relates exclusively to our lithium LiFePO4 batteries.

    Always refer to the manual for specifications, correct usage and handling of the battery. Below are some key points to ensure safe use of your batteries:

    • Do not install in under bonnet applications or in an area subject to regular high temperatures.

    • Do not install in a starting application.

    • Do not use with a mismatched inverter.

    • Do not use charger if any component is damaged.

    • During charging, monitor the battery and keep away from combustible materials such as carpets and bedding.

    • Remember to unplug immediately after charging.

    • Always use compatible chargers and cables.

    • Store in well ventilated, cool, dry places and out of direct sunlight, including while charging.

    • Avoid extreme temperatures and follow recommended temperature range.

    • Ensure battery is protected from excessive vibrations and is held down appropriately.

    • Regularly inspect for any damage. Do not use if the battery has been dropped, punctured, damaged or is swollen.

    • Do not cut open, tamper with components, or modify the battery in any way.

    • Do not use this battery to start your vehicle. It is not suitable for under bonnet.

    • Fully discharge before recycling.

    Charging a Lithium battery

    To get the full capacity and maximum life out of your Lithium battery, we recommend using a Lithium charger.

    ^This advice relates exclusively to our lithium LiFePO4 batteries.

    If using a charger designed for lead-acid batteries, the following requirements apply:

    • The upper voltage limit must be between 14.2V and 14.6V in the constant voltage part of curve, via an SLA/AGM charger or regulated alternator. This is to enable the cell balancing process which maintains the performance and expected lifetime of your battery.
    • The charger must not be set to a Flooded or Calcium curve, or a desulphation phase.

    Charging above the maximum charging voltage can cause damage to the battery and pose a safety risk. Charging below the minimum charging voltage will mean your battery will not be charged to 100% state of charge.

    If you have any inquiries regarding safety precautions, installation, or usage of the battery, please contact us.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 03 9797 8600


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