Battery 7812

Dual Purpose AGM 7812
Car battery

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are sealed, maintenance free batteries which deliver higher cranking, cycling performance and durability when compared to an equivalent sized EFB or Calcium battery. Many vehicles with Stop Start technology are fitted with AGM batteries, as well as modern vehicles that have higher power and durability demands. 

7821 - Product Specs sheet

Battery 7812

  • Specifications
    • Multi-angle fit up to 90⁰
    • Suitable for under bonnet use
    • High CCA delivering exceptional power
    • Minimised electric resistance for fast charging and discharge capability
    • Rugged case design provides added strength against impact and vibration
    • Maintenance free with a durable fully sealed construction
  • Product Information


  • Common Fitments
    • Marine
    • 4x4 (Under bonnet)
    • Dual battery system (As a second battery)