Automotive & Marine Technology

We provide products and services to mobile and affiliated workshops including automotive batteries, deep cycle batteries, car parts, jump packs, battery rechargers and battery reset tools. Our product engineering specialists collaborate with research groups, motoring and marine professionals to solve complex service challenges.  

Our mobile service offering includes roadside services, battery replacement, alternator and starter motor replacement and vehicle inspections.

We support motor Club members to get back on the road, so they can get to where they need to be.

The Club Assist MasterFit database is a convenient live battery fitment tool that can be accessed from any mobile internet device. Designed to make it easier to locate and replace a vehicle’s battery, it contains fitment information for tens of thousands of vehicles and is updated regularly with new information. Masterfit delivers automotive model specific information with detailed step-by-step instructions for vehicle battery replacements, battery locations, registration and heatshield details.