Who We Are

Club Assist partners with automotive Clubs across Asia Pacific and works at the juncture of technology and industry to provide solutions to members’ problems. As battery technology experts, we specialise in the sourcing, storage, distribution and installation of automotive, motorcycle and marine batteries, alternators and starter motors.

Our mobile service offering includes roadside services, battery replacement, alternator and starter motor replacement and vehicle inspections.

We work with the world’s biggest battery manufacturers to source batteries for customers and test them in our in-house Testing and Quality Assurance Facility to ensure they meet OEM specifications. Working closely with battery manufacturing engineers, we ensure products are designed and manufactured to meet automotive Club and customer specifications; while meeting the challenges of the different climactic conditions across Asia Pacific.

Leveraging our advanced expertise in lead-acid batteries, we specialise in energy storage solutions for renewable energy projects and provide infrastructure solutions for electric vehicle charging networks.

With a team of over 380 employees and a strong workforce of contractors, we are committed to providing service excellence to our customers. 

We believe in building strong partnerships with our suppliers
that are responsive, consistent and reliable.

Club Assist have a strong national supply chain and global procurement capability. We have specialised global logistics and procurement strength, as well as experience managing a contract workforce. We are owned and backed by the strength and resources of the Australian Motoring Clubs.